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Through our partnership with and Sangoma we recommend as your SIP Trunk provider. Provisioning your SIP Trunks through has never been so easy with their SIPstation Module.

Sip Station

Other SIP Providers

There are hundreds of SIP Trunk providers in operation today and new providers are starting up every month. It is up to our customers to do their own due diligence when choosing a SIP provider to use with their Hosted FreePBX server. Below are a few SIP Trunk providers that many of our customers are using.

VI Communication Services was established in 2007 and they provide Wholesale Local, Toll-Free and International DID origination, to the US48, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and over 60 countries worldwide. Today, VoIP Innovations is now known as VI Communication Services, a Sangoma company.


Flowroute is the leading communications provider focused on answering the needs of developers, SaaS companies, and high-tech enterprises. Flowroute is a software company that happens to be a carrier.

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VI Communication Services & FreePBX Hosting

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VI Communications Services & can provide a seamless phone system solution hosted on the Internet.

Communication Services

SIPstation Partnership is powered by Sangoma. SIPStation has a FreePBX module that allows you to auto configure your SIP trunks in seconds, quickly diagnose connection and firewall issues. The module also provides a very easy ability to connect to our redundant gateways, provide realtime diagnostics on both server side and client side status, and a central dashboard and control point to easily configure your service into existing outbound routes as well as setup your DIDs and outbound CIDs, all in one central location. It even has a really nifty Firewall Test diagnostic which helps you determine if your RTP media ports are properly forwarded from our firewall, since most of us put our systems properly behind a firewall and have to deal with the realities of NAT.

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If you are an end user looking for the most flexible and scale-able hosted phone system you have come to the right place! Not sure what to do? Call us today at 1-800-862-5965!

All of our hosting plans come with the following features Unlimited Extensions (no per extension fee), Voicemail to email, Music on Hold, Soft Phone support, Unlimited IVR’s, Company Directory, Call Flow Control, Caller-ID, Completely SIP Based and much more…

Our FreePBX hosting offering has a plan for every type of customer from one extension to hundreds of extensions. Simply select your hosting plan and sign up to get started. Start with an entry level VPS and grow from there. As you grow we can upgrade you to any of these hosting solutions like our VPS SSD Server, Dedicated Server and High Availability offering. Don’t forget to purchase a FTP Backup plan to ensure you have a backup at all times.

CyberLynk offers phone support from 8am to 5pm Central Standard time and email support 24x7x365 via our ticket system. Support for issues related to the VPS control panel, billing, access to your VPS/Dedicated Server and bandwidth concerns are included at no cost. See our Professional Services for additional options to maintain your FreePBX VPS or Dedicated Server.

Are you a Reseller?

Are you an MSP (Managed Service Provider) or simply looking for a way to manage dozens of FreePBX installations for yourself and customers? Earn up to 25% off the plan price for all of your accounts. Keep in mind that you are free to charge your customers management options too.

Reseller discount applies to all VPS, VPS SSD, Dedicated Server, High Availability, FTP Backup and Hosted SBC plans we offer. maintains the server hardware and networking in both datacenters along with providing you the reseller, direct technical support while in turn you support your end users.

If you are a larger Managed Service Provider (MSP) looking for a VPS hosting environment that you can customize and manage yourself, we can help you! The MSP White Label PBX Hosting solution is the perfect answer for those providers that want full control over the entire hosting environment. is just one of our brands and you have the unique opportunity to resell all of our services. Our structure allows for one point of contact for billing & support, one invoice, run by highly skilled engineers, simple pricing models, no overage charges and much more.

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