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Server Prep

We run all updates and prepare the server's firewall, backups, certificate, and other core settings so you can start configuring your system right away.

Basic Setup

In addition to preparing the server, we give you a head start by getting your SIP trunks and basic routing up and running, and prepare a test extension for you.

Full Setup

In addition to preparing the server and basic setup, we evaluate your complete system needs and then build the entire setup for you. Complete turnkey solution!

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I understand that this is an estimate and that pricing may change once full discovery is completed and numbers are finalized. This quote is for configuration assistance and does not include any hosting, management, devices, software licenses, or SIP trunking service. Prepayment of 50% of the quoted amount is due prior to starting any configuration services. You must have an active FreePBX server hosted with CyberLynk to use this service.