Reseller Program

Take Advantage of this Exciting Opportunity

Are you an MSP (Managed Service Provider) or simply looking for a way to manage dozens of FreePBX installations for yourself and customers? In an effort to make our reseller options simple to understand we are offering a flat 15% discount off the plan price up to the first 20 FreePBX Hosting services. The 15% discount will be applied to all VPS and Dedicated Server plans once you have 5 active FreePBX services in your account. Once you exceed the 20 FreePBX installations we will up the discount to 25% off the plan price for all of your accounts. Keep in mind that you are free to charge your customers management options too.

This discount applies to all VPS, VPS SSD, Dedicated Server, and Hosted SBC plans we offer.

man with phone

CyberLynk maintains the server hardware, basic technical support, billing, upgrades/downgrades, and basic account management. Sangoma provides direct support for all FreePBX questions. Keep in mind that you are free to charge your customer's management options too.

If you are a larger Managed Service Provider (MSP) looking for a VPS hosting environment that you can customize and manage yourself we also have the answer for you. The MSP White Label PBX Hosting solution is perfect for those providers that want full control over the entire hosting environment. You also receive the same great reseller discounts mentioned above!


FreePBX Partner Listing

Would you like some referral business? From time to time we have customers that want a reseller that can provide local onsite services. In an effort to provide service options for those customers we have started a FreePBX Partner Locator page on our website. As a reseller, you have the option to be included in that listing. Since CyberLynk is the only approved hosting provider in North America we will have a listing on a per state, province, and territory for the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

If you want to add to this listing please contact us today.

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PBXact Hosting Reseller Opportunity

Resell PBXact Solutions Too

PBXact is a fully-featured, commercially supported Phone System! PBXact is based on the world’s most popular open-source PBX platform, FreePBX. PBXact is licensed monthly per extension and includes ongoing software updates. is the ONLY PBXact hosting provider approved by Sangoma! is run by CyberLynk. Our PBXact VPS’s are provisioned within minutes of your order regardless of which datacenter you select. PBXact dedicated servers are normally provisioned within 24 hours of your order.

Your Reseller Promo Code will work on both PBXact and FreePBX VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server plans! One reseller accounts for two great PBX solutions that are sure to fit all of your customer's needs.

CyberLynk Featured Brands is just one of our brands and you have the unique opportunity to resell all of our services. Our structure allows for one point of contact for billing & support, one invoice, run by highly skilled engineers, simple pricing models, no overage charges, and much more. Sign up today and find out for yourself.

Colocation & Datacenter Services

Whether you need colocation for 1U or multiple full 48U cabinets can provide you a completely custom solution. Free cross connects and remote hands.

Website/Email Hosting & Dedicated Servers offers Shared Linux or Windows Website & email hosting, Reseller plans, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain names and SSL’s.

Spam & Virus Filtering offers a clustered SaaS solution with an easy-to-use control panel that allows multiple levels of access. Administrators have easy access to control their domain.

Premium Bandwidth

Our Data Centers Provide the Fastest Speeds
Milwaukee data center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Speed Tests – Milwaukee 

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter where your FreePBX VPS or dedicated server would be hosted.

Click Here for Speed Tests in Milwaukee

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21554. We peer with ATT, TW Telecom, Cogent, Level3, and Time Warner Cable in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter.

Phoenix data center

Phoenix, Arizona
Speed Tests – Phoenix

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Phoenix, Arizona datacenter where your FreePBX VPS or dedicated server would be hosted.

Click Here for Speed Tests in Phoenix

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21624. We peer with TW Telecom and Cogent in our Phoenix, Arizona datacenter.