Session Border Controller (SBC) Hosting


Sangoma’s Session Border Controller’s (SBC) are advanced and flexible Session Border Controllers that allow you to interconnect different SIP networks securely to perform SIP trunking and general SIP call routing with its advanced XML-based routing engine. Our software creates rock-solid virtual environments, enabling the underlying hardware to enjoy better resource utilization, enhanced security, and unrivaled performance.

If you wish to maintain a secure and efficient network, that handles the different types of signals produced by different components with ease, it’s time to shop for the right Session Border Controller for your application.

Just as the firewall protects the data network, a Session Border Controller (SBC) is required to protect both the data and voice network when VoIP is integrated into the system.

All of Sangoma’s SBCs provide the same carrier-grade functionality, including prevention of toll fraud, denial of service attacks and eavesdropping. They enable VoIP traffic to navigate firewalls and ensure interoperability between different SIP implementations.

SBC Hosting Plan Features

What's Included?
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Instantly Provisioned
  • Upgrade at Anytime
  • VPS Node Monitored 24/7/365
  • Low Latency Bandwidth
  • Hosted in Secure Datacenter
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • SolusVM VPS Control Panel
  • SSH / Root Access

Looking for a Session Border Controller Plan?

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FreePBX Session Border Controller Features

Check Out These SBC Features!
  • Easy to use Web Interface
  • Advanced XML Routing Engine
  • Dynamic Load Balancing and Call Routing
  • SIP Intrusion Prevention
  • SIP Registration Scan Attack Detection
  • SIP Request Rate Limiting
  • SIP Friendly Load Limitation
  • SIP Registration Pass-thru
  • SIP Header Normalization
  • SIP Malformed Packet Protection
  • Topology Hiding
  • DDoS / DoS Attack Protection
  • RTCP Statistics Reports
  • Intelligent media anchoring/release
  • Call Access Control
  • Call Security with TLS / SRTP
  • Advanced NAT Traversal Capabilities
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Full RTP Transcoding
  • T.38 Fax Relay
  • IP Firewall
  • RADIUS CDR and Authentication
  • HTTP XML-based CDR
  • ENUM Routing
  • QoS (ToS or DSCP)

Simple Setup

Get Started in Just 3 Steps!

Step 1:
Customize your virtual private server. During the ordering process, you will be able to adjust the memory and storage.

Step 2:
Once you have processed your order and paid your first invoice the VPS will be provisioned within minutes of your signup passing our automated fraud screening and the invoice being paid. The SBC installation process takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete after the VPS is created. Our automated process will email you the hosting instructions once your server is online.

Step 3:
Now that you have your virtual private server instructions you will be able to access the SBC web interface and SSH into the server to begin your configuration. Don’t forget to order your SIP service from or a FreePBX VPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? No Worries. We are here to help.
Can one SBC VPS protect multiple PBX Servers? If so do I just need to purchase the additional call paths to handle the volume of calls for those PBX’s (up to 30 call paths)?

One Hosted SBC VPS server can protect any number of Carriers and FreePBXs (VPS’s). Only the number of “Max Call Licenses” are needed to be purchased to handle the call volume for all of the FreePBX servers. In the near future we will be releasing larger plans to handle high call volume.

Do I need to purchase a Hosted SBC VM for every FreePBX VPS?

No, One SBC can route calls to and from any number of FreePBX Servers.

What is a call path defined as? Is it calls coming in and out via SIP trunks? Or is it all connections including a SIP Phone (extension)?

One Call License = 1 Trunk Provider to SBC Session + 1 SBC to PBX Session


One Call License = 1 Remote Phone to SBC Session + 1 SBC to PBX Session

Another Example;
Two Call Licenses = 1 Remote Phone to SBC Session + 1 SBC to PBX Session + 1 PBX to SBC Session + 1 SBC to Trunk Provider Session

How do I get support for my Hosted SBC?

Sangoma tech support is here to provide tech support for any configuration issues that you might encounter. Through their online support portal you can instant access to a knowledge-base and their ticket system.

CyberLynk and will provide tech support for concerns related to your VPS, the VPS control panel, billing, network stabilty and bandwidth concerns. You can email and a support ticket will be opened.