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While we make every effort to load our website with all the information you may need to make decision sometimes you cannot find all the answers. Review the FAQ’s below and if you still have questions please contact us or call 1-800-862-5965 and press the option for Sales.

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Who provides the SIP trunks & phone numbers? does NOT include SIP trunks or DID’s with our FreePBX VPS’s or Dedicated Servers. You are free to use any SIP provider you wish. For some recommendations, please visit the SIP Trunks page.

Do you offer a trial or money back guarantee?

YES, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will refund your money if it is within 30 days of your initial account setup. In the event that the Customer terminates service within 30 days under this trial, all fees shall be waived for Customer; and furthermore, Customer shall receive a credit for any fees, if any, invoiced and/or paid at the time of the termination of this Service. Should Customer not exercise the right to terminate service within 30 days under this trial, all fees indicated on this Agreement shall be due and payable.

Once I place my order how long will it take to be provisioned?

All of our FreePBX Virtual Private Servers are automatically provisioned once the order is placed, it passes our fraud screening and the invoice is paid. This is an automated process and if everything goes smoothly you will have your hosting instructions emailed to you within 5-10 minutes.

Dedicated Servers can take up to 24 hours to be provisioned from the time we receive the order and payment is made.

How can I upgrade my storage and memory resources?

To order upgrades you can email our sales team via or you can order the upgrades via our Client Billing Portal.

Why does only offer hosting for FreePBX?

The services provided by have been specifically designed around the FreePBX offering. And really, why would you want to run anything but FreePBX for your PBX?

What about hidden fee’s and overage charges?

No need to worry… Cyberlynk does not believe in hidden fee’s or overage charges so you will never see any on your invoice. Ask our competitors about their hidden fee’s and overage charges.

How many simultaneous calls can I have?

The question you are asking is a loaded one. Below are some general guidelines but will very greatly depending on call flow, rings groups, additional plugins/modules, encoding, conference rooms used, etc…

512MB of Memory: 5-15 Simultaneous calls

1GB of Memory: 15-25 Simultaneous calls

2Gb of Memory: 25-50 Simultaneous calls

You might see more or less simultaneous calls depending on your specific configuration.

We can also upgrade your VPS as needed with a simple reboot.


What payment methods are accepted?

CyberLynk accepts Paypal, Paypal subscriptions, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can pay your invoice via Client Billing Portal.

How & when will I receive my invoice?

CyberLynk generates invoices 7-9 days before the first of the month. Once an invoice is generated we will email it to the address on file as a PDF attachment. If you pay via credit card, CyberLynk will automatically charge your card on the 1st. If you would like to pay with Paypal you will need to process the payment manually each month or setup a Paypal Subscription. Once the invoice is paid another email will be sent with a receipt stating the invoice has been paid.

How do I cancel my FreePBX hosting service?

You can terminate your service by sending an email to or via our Client Billing Portal.


How fast is the CyberLynk datacenter network? (MKE1)

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter where your FreePBX VPS or dedicated server would be hosted.

 Test IP:

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21554 we peer with ATT, TW Telecom, Cogent, Level3 and Time Warner Cable in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter.

How fast is the CyberLynk datacenter network? (PHX1)

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter where your FreePBX VPS or dedicated server would be hosted.

 Test IP:

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21624 we peer with ATT, TW Telecom, Cogent, Level3 and Time Warner Cable in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin datacenter.


How do I get support?

When you need help, we have you covered. We offer 24/7 support via our ticket system, and phone support weekdays during business hours. Details about our support policies can be found here.

How do I change the version of Asterisk on my FreePBX server?

The FreePBX Distro has some built in features to allow you to change the Major Asterisk version you are using. To change which Major Asterisk release you are using, log in using SSH and your root password and type:


You will then be prompted to pick which Asterisk version you would like to switch to. Once the switch has been completed you will be informed which version you are running and that Asterisk is restarting. FreePBX will then perform a reload and re-write all the configuration files based on the version of Asterisk you switch to.

Will I have root access?

All FreePBX VPS’s and Dedicated Servers are unmanaged and you will receive full root access to your server.

I cannot get the FreePBX web interface. Why?

Fail2ban is built into the PBX’s. If you had too many failed logins you can get blocked. You can clear them from the web back end (and white-list your IP) or you can reboot the PBX from the VPS control panel and that clears all the blocks.

Your probably being blocked by the Fail2ban firewall on the VPS.

To whitelist your IP address, click ADMIN -> SYSTEM ADMIN -> INTRUSION DETECTION and then add your external IP address of your Internet connection into the whitelist box and click SUBMIT QUERY.

How do I close my open DNS resolver?

If your server has been configured to act as an open resolver for DNS service please run the command below. This allows others to potentially use your server to perform DNS based DDOS attacks. You should immediately change the DNS server settings to prevent this from happening.

To resolve the issue, please log in to your server via SSH and run the following command:

echo “listen-address=” >> /etc/dnsmasq.conf; service dnsmasq restart

How can I update FreePBX?

View our complete guide on how to update your FreePBX server for detailed instructions. Be sure to perform a backup first.

MSP White Label

How do I get support?

CyberLynk offers support directly to our MSP’s to help manage and maintain their VPS Hosting cluster. While all of the servers are technically unmanaged CyberLynk does provide support and you can open a support ticket by emailing CyberLynk will need the IP address of the VPS or dedicated server having the issue, the root password and a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

How many IP’s will be needed?

You will need one IP address for the SolusVM Control Panel server, one IP address for each of the VPS Host Node Servers and then each VPS you provision will need a single IP address. All of the IP’s will be static and never change. If you ever delete a VPS that IP address will be available to assign to a new VPS.

Can I host anything I want on these servers?

MSP’s are free to provide any type of hosting they would like from their VPS Cluster as long as it does NOT violate our terms of service. CyberLynk recommends that you only host business related software and PBX type services.