A base installation of FreePBX includes everything you need to build a fully featured phone system that’ll suit most basic needs. You can make and receive calls to and from a number of phone numbers and extensions. You’ve got auto attendants (IVRs), call groups (Ring Groups / Queues), logic processing (Call Flow Control / Time Conditions) and other handy apps.

Included Modules

Through our partnership with Sangoma, FreePBXHosting.com is able to provide customers with a license for the following extremely useful Commercial Add-On Modules at no cost with every VPS or Dedicated Server:

Endpoint Manager (25 Year License + 1 Year Maintenance)

a provisioning module that generates configurations and auto provisions dozens of phones from a huge range of vendors. Endpoint manager allows you to generate registration profiles and programmable button layouts for supported phones and accessories right through the FreePBX administration web interface.

System Admin Pro (25 Year License)

a utility module that provides control over a number of server functions and other system configurations. This module allows easy management of things like email setup, notifications, ports used by FreePBX, and VPN; plus it adds some diagnostic tools including a handy packet capture tool.

What other Add-Ons are available?

What other cool and useful additions are out there for FreePBX? Well here are a few of the more popular ones we think you should check out:

There are also Commercial Add-On Module bundles available if you want to add multiple modules at once at a discounted price. Check out the full listing of FreePBX Commercial Add-On Modules to learn more.

How does it work?

Commercial Add-On Modules purchases can be initiated right from within FreePBX. If you visit the menu item of a Commercial Add-On Module, you will be provided with a page that offers a brief description of the module and/or a link to purchase it. You can also navigate to Admin > Module Admin to list all available modules and Commercial Add-On Modules will have a “Buy” button next to them. Another option is through the Sangoma Portal store with the Deployment ID of your PBX. Many modules have multiple license terms available to provide pricing flexibility. Once your licensed is purchased, you can navigate to Admin > System Admin > Activation and click “Update Activation” to fetch all of your purchased Module licenses.

What is “Commercial Module Maintenance”?

On an activated FreePBX instance you can navigate to Admin > System Admin > Activation and you will see an overview of your FreePBX licenses. Commercial Add-On Modules will have a license term – usually either 25 years or 1 year, along with a “Free Updates” period. This latter period is the duration of your Commercial Module Maintenance and one year is typically included with the module license. This is a support agreement that entitles you to not only free updates, but technical support for the module from Sangoma. It is important to keep this current because not only will it ensure your module has the latest feature and security updates, but it helps support the ongoing development of FreePBX. To renew your Commercial Module Maintenance you can follow this link to review the process.

How to get help with Commercial Add-On Modules

You can start by reaching out to our FreePBXHosting.com support team. We have multiple engineers and technicians available with experience deploying most Commercial Add-On Modules and can answer many of your questions and get you moving in the right direction. For more advanced troubleshooting, we may refer you to the folks at Sangoma Support. Please keep in mind that your Commercial Module Maintenance will need to be current in order to be entitled to support from Sangoma. This is one of the reasons why keeping the Commercial Module Maintenance for your modules up to date is important!

Still have questions?

If you are a current FreePBXHosting.com customer, please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions about extending your PBX with Commercial Add-On Modules. If you are not yet a FreePBXHosting.com customer and would like to learn more about the advantages of hosting with an Authorized FreePBX Hosting Partner, contact our sales team for details.