Adding a hosted phone system offering to your portfolio might be difficult for IT Consultants, Integrators, MSPs, and dealers that do not have the staff to manage all aspects of the hosted system. Maybe you have a solid portfolio of phone system options for your customers but you lose phone system deals because the cost is too high or a required feature is not available. Whatever your reason, CyberLynk has a solution for you.

CyberLynk operates and all you have to do is quote the solution. Then once the customer is ready to move forward you hand the approved quote over to CyberLynk. CyberLynk will then deploy, manage, support, and invoice the entire solution. For every Managed Phone System you sell you will receive a commission of up to 15% of the total cost of the phone system per month for the life of the customer.

Within minutes you will be able to generate a professional quote for our Managed Phone System solutions. All of the features, equipment, and monthly fees will be clearly stated on the quote. If you or the customer has any questions you can call 1-800-862-5965 (press the sales option) or email to get additional information to help seal the deal. Once the customer has signed off on the Manage Phone System quote, CyberLynk will take it from there. Commissions will start once the service is invoiced.

CyberLynk encourages all of their partners to stay engaged with those customers, to upsell additional hosting services, help build out the customers' LAN to support VOIP, assist in deploying the IP phones once CyberLynk has shipped the equipment, and troubleshoot local networking issues that might arise.

If you have any questions or would like more information please call 1-800-862-5965 or email