CyberLynk operates a handful of hosting brands that allow our resellers and MSPs to receive one-stop shopping. One provider, One invoice, One support team to call/email, and in most cases you have no equipment to manage or purchase. This reduces your capital expenses and allows you to ‘go to market' faster than your competitors.

In previous blog articles, we discussed the three options resellers and MSPs have for White Label PBX Hosting with Our main goal is to make entering the hosted PBX marketplace simple as well as providing all of the tools to manage large quantities of hosted phone systems while maintaining huge margins. Whether your company has the skill sets to manage large quantities of hosted phone systems, the engineers at are here to help with a wide variety of professional services offered. Many of our professional services are one-time maintenance-type services but if you no longer want to manage the server with regards to FreePBX software & module updates you might want to consider the Basic FreePBX Server Maintenance Plan.

If you are not aware, is just one of the hosting brands that CyberLynk operates and you have the unique opportunity to resell all of the services that are offered by each brand. This structure allows for one point of contact for billing & support, one invoice, run by highly skilled engineers, simple pricing models, no overage charges, and much more.

Cyberlynk family Reseller Business Model – Huge $$$ Margins

To better understand how CyberLynk can increase your revenues and margins we have put together a business plan to get you started reselling our spam & virus filtering brand. (a CyberLynk brand) is a Spam/Virus Filtering solution that is FULLY brandable with your company name, logo and color scheme. Our white label Email Filtering solution allows you to instantly establish your own SPAM/Virus filtering business while leveraging a world-class infrastructure tailored for success. Create your own plans, manage your clients, and run the business your way. CyberLynk will handle all of the technical aspects, while you focus on growing the core of your business.

Since our filtering service acts as gateway, you do not need to install any software on your hosting servers or mail server. Simply change the MX records for each domain name to point to our clustered solution and set up that domain name within your Agent Spam Reseller control panel. Using the Agent Spam Reseller control panel, you will have full control of your customers so you can manage the whitelists, blacklists, filtering rules, reports, etc as you see fit.

No longer are you held hostage by Barracuda, MailFoundry, Postini, or any other appliance-type filtering provider.

Our inexpensive reseller filtering plans start at $2.00 per domain per month. If you as the reseller were to sell your smallest filtering plan for $12.50 per month you would make $10.50 per month ($126 per year) per customer. When you think about selling a filtering plan at $19.99 per month you would make $17.99 per month ($216 per year).

You are already in front of the customer on a daily or weekly basis so up-selling services like this should be easy. CyberLynk offers many more solutions like this that require no capital expense or huge learning curve by your team to deploy.

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Monthly recurring revenue is what every company is looking for. CyberLynk provides services that every business needs so why not be the provider to sell them ALL of those services. If you have any questions or would like more information please call 1-800-862-5965 or email One of our sales engineers will contact you to review how our hosting brands can help increase your revenue.