Your PBX is a vital part of how you complete your day to day business. Imagine what would happen if it stopped working: customers wouldn’t be able to call to place orders or to get support for your product, people working from home would no longer be able to make business calls or take advantage of direct extension dialing. Fortunately, there is a way that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your PBX.

Having an automatically scheduled backup is one of the best ways to ensure minimal downtime in the event your PBX ceases to function normally. In this article we will walk through the process of configuring your FreePBX 15 server to backup automatically utilizing one of our FTP backup plans. If you are looking for information on how to manually create a complete backup of your FreePBX 15 server for download have a look at our article [HOW TO] Create a Complete FreePBX 15 backup.

Here is an overview of the steps we will be taking:

  • Setting up an FTP user for the PBX
  • Creating and configuring a backup job
  • Running a test backup
  • Verifying the test backup

Setting up an FTP user for your PBX

Log in to your FTP Hosting control panel: On the left side click “Users” then click “Add User” in the upper right corner and click next.

Select standard user

Scheduled freepbx backup

Enter the desired Username for your PBX’s account and the corresponding notification email and click next.

Scheduled FreePBX Backup

Configure the FTP rights as illustrated below, then click next.

Scheduled freepbx backup

Select the folder for your PBX and check the boxes for “File Rights” and “Directory rights”

Scheduled freepbx backup

Click add user.

When you get to the next screen click “Assign Now” to assign a password to the user you just made. Make note of this password; you will need it later.

Scheduled freepbx backup

Now we will move over to the PBX to complete the rest of this process.

Creating and Configuring a Backup Job

Log into your FreePBX 15 server and go to “Settings” and click “Filestore”

Scheduled freepbx backup

Select the “FTP” tab and click “+Add FTP Instance”

Scheduled freepbx backup

Fill out the following details:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 21
  • Username: The FTP username you created earlier
  • Password: The FTP password you created earlier
Scheduled freepbx backup

Click “Submit” in the lower right corner.

Go to “Admin” and click “Backup & Restore”

Schedule freepbx backup

Go to the “Backup” tab and click “+Add Backup”

Scheduled freepbx backup

Add the following details to the “Add Backup” page.

Basic information

  • Backup name
  • Backup Description
  • Backup Items: Click the “Modules” button to choose the modules you want to be backed up. Most likely you will want to select all modules. If you have call recordings enabled, you’ll most likely want to expand the “Call Recording Reports” module and unselect “Call Recordings” as call recordings can quickly use up all available space.
  • Custom Files: Files or folders not included in the modules menu, but you still want to be backed up


  • Notifications Email: The email notifications will be sent to
  • Inline logs: Optional
  • Email type: Under what conditions you receive an email notification


  • (We will cover this next)

Schedule and Maintenance

  • Enabled: Toggle “Yes”
  • Scheduling: Set the time and frequency you would like the backup to run
  • Delete after runs: Delete backup after a certain number of backups have occurred.
  • Delete after days: Delete backup after it has reached a certain age in days
  • Hooks: Optional
  • Warm Spare: Skip
Scheduled freepbx backup

Under the “Storage” subheader click “None Selected” and choose your FTP filestore.

Scheduled freepbx backup

Click “Save” in the lower right corner.

Running a Test Backup

Go to “Admin” and click “Backup & Restore”

Scheduled freepbx backup

Click the “Play” icon under the “Actions” heading to run a test backup.

Scheduled freepbx backup

You will be presented with the following screen.

Scheduled freepbx backup

When the backup is complete you will briefly see a blue banner along the top. If you miss this, look for the words “Finished Saving to Selected Filestore locations” in the log.

Scheduled freepbx backup

Verifying the Test Backup

Please note the following: This step is for servers that are brand new or are not critical production servers. Restoring a backup on a production server may require additional steps for the server to be ready to use, and restoring an improperly configured backup could break the server. Proceed with caution.

Go to “Admin” and click “Backup & Restore”

Scheduled freepbx backup

Go to the “Restore” tab and click the “Play” icon under the “Actions” heading under the “Restore from the Cloud” section and click “Yes” on the confirmation dialogue.

Scheduled freepbx backup

Like the backup, you will be presented with a scrolling log of the in-progress restore. When it is completed, you will be briefly presented with a blue success banner as before. If you miss this look for the word “Finished” near the end of the log file.

Scheduled FreePBX backup


Now that your backup job has been configured and verified you are all finished and can rest easy knowing that your PBX can be restored quickly in the event of a failure.