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Unlike many of our competitors we publish our phone number (1-800-862-5965) and we love to talk to all of our existing or potential customers. Whether you want to know something simple about putting your PBX in the datacenter or you have a detailed question regarding FreePBX and how it works for your specific application we would love to talk with you.

Below are some of the people behind and FreePBX that are always available via email or phone to answer your questions. All of us look forward to providing your hosted FreePBX solution.

Adam Hobach – President of Cyberlynk Network, Inc

He received his Bachelors from MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) in Mechanical Engineering Technology which led him to designing and expanding CyberLynk’s Broadband Wireless network in early 2001.

I am always willing to talk with our customers and enjoy answering all of their questions. Our attention to detail is what sets CyberLynk apart from the others.

Adam was one of the lead developers on CyberLynk’s FTP Hosting service offering which is now Through the years Adam has moved up through the company in various roles including Network Engineer and Vice President. He has also negotiated and integrated over 23 hosting related acquisitions through 2014. Today Adam’s passions include overseeing the management of CyberLynk’s Phoenix and Milwaukee Datacenters,developing new service offerings and managing reseller/partner relationships.

Adam Hobach

President –

Phone: 414-858-9335
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Frank Feingold – Chief Latency Officer

Prior to joining CyberLynk in early 2008, Frank spent more than two decades working in IT for a major heavy equipment manufacturer. Frank’s experience brings expertise in Linux systems and complex web applications as well extensive project management and disaster recovery experience. At CyberLynk Frank focuses on new product development and the overall daily operations of the Linux support team. Frank has successfully managed the integration of over 20 web hosting acquisitions into the CyberLynk infrastructure. Frank holds a BA in Management Computer Systems from U.W. – Whitewater and a MBA From Keller Graduate School of Management.

Have a question about FreePBX in the datacenter? I enjoy answering customer questions and educating them on how to deploy FreePBX in the datacenter.

Frank enjoys working with new and existing customers, translating their business requirements into deployable solutions. Frank will help you find a solution that will fit both your technical requirements and your budget.

Frank Feingold

Chief Latency Officer

Phone: 414-858-9335
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Alex Leach – Chief Jitter Officer

Alex brings an entrepreneurial background with him and while attending UW-Milwaukee he started a web hosting company called Host Genie in 2010. Host Genie focused on affordable solutions in the shared & reseller website/email hosting and dedicated server marketplace with customers from nearly 50 countries. Alex has been on the forefront of designing and implementing the hosting platform that uses to deploy VPS’s running FreePBX in minutes and highly customized dedicated servers within 24 hours.

Alex specializes in all things Linux including virtualization, server security, cPanel, and seamless website migrations.

Alex Leach

Chief Jitter Officer

Phone: 414-858-9335
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Meet the Schmooze / / Sangoma US Sales Team

Do you have a specific question about FreePBX? Get your sales questions answered directly from the company that develops FreePBX. Preston and Todd are always willing to talk with customers interested in learning how FreePBX can simplify your PBX needs.

Preston McNair – VP of Sales, Sangoma US

As Vice President of Sales at Sangoma US, Preston is responsible for the growth of the overall sales of the FreePBX, PBXact and SIPStation product lines and Professional Services. Preston brings more than 18 years of executive telecom industry experience to Sangoma US.

He has started and grown facilities based CLECs, a chain of successful wireless stores, and has worked as both channel manager and reseller for several major telecom providers.

Preston is responsible for the growth of Schmooze Reseller and Distribution channels, expanding the global reach of Premise and Hosted PBX solutions as well as FreePBX Professional services and Turnkey Hosting Platforms. He leads the Schmooze & Sangoma sales team and works closely with channel partners to provide them with support, tools and solutions they need to succeed.

Preston McNair

VP of Sales, Sangoma US

Phone: 920-886-8130
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Todd Bryant – Inside Sales, Sangoma US

Todd has been in various forms of telephony sales for over 13 years. Todd’s role in Sales at Schmooze is to aid in evaluating each specific customers’ needs, and ensuring that all solutions are made that would benefit the customer and end-user. His role at Schmooze also includes efforts to better the FreePBX community’s foundation and awareness, as well as to help move the Schmooze brand forward.

Most importantly, Todd is a Duke Basketball junkie.

Todd Bryant

Inside Sales, Sangoma US

Phone: 920-886-8130
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