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Professional Services.

Keep your FreePBX server in tip-top shape with these professional services.

FreePBX Professional Services

FreePBX Checkup

Our FreePBX engineers will perform an evaluation of your phone system to find issues before they become headaches. We’ll diagnose any dashboard errors and perform any available minor system updates.

  • Options starting at $49.99

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Disk Cleanup

Our engineers will find out what’s using up your disk space, and provide options to clean things up. If your disk is full, we will also perform a database integrity check and restart FreePBX to make sure it’s working properly.

  • Options starting at $49.99

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Firewall Configuration

Make the most of FreePBX’s built in security features, and prevent your users from getting locked out of your phone system by having our engineers perform some basic setup on your FreePBX firewall.

  • Options starting at $49.99

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Migration Assistance

Moving from on-premise to hosted FreePBX? We can help. Our engineers will work with you to import your current FreePBX configuration and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth migration.

  • Options starting at $199.99

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Backup Testing

Want to know how your phone system will fare in a disaster recovery situation? Our engineers will put your FreePBX backups to the test for you in a bare metal recovery test. If you’re not backing up to FTP, we can set that up for you right away.

  • Options starting at $99.99

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Managed Upgrades

Fallen a bit behind on your updates? Looking to take advantage of the latest FreePBX features? Our engineers will perform an offline upgrade of your configuration to minimize downtime and get you up to date.

  • Options starting at $249.99

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FreePBX Management Solutions


Not a server administrator? Don’t know Linux? Don’t want to manage your PBX at all? Let our engineers manage your system for you, either just the server or the whole PBX.

Server Management

  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Regular Updates
  • Monthly Checkup
  • Starts at $59.99/mo.

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