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Service Management Options.

Flexible management options for admins & end users alike.

At we understand that our customers aren’t all the same, which is why we offer management options to match your unique needs and desired level of FreePBX support.


DIY for seasoned system admins. You’re in charge of everything, basic network/billing support is included.

Server Management

We do updates, monitoring, and monthly checkups, you do the rest. Full PBX control without the server headaches.

Which option is right for me?

If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, reading log files and wikis, and have experience configuring and maintaining FreePBX, Asterisk, and Linux you will be right at home with our Unmanaged service. On the other hand if you prefer to stick to the web based administrator control panel without having to worry about the Linux command line, Server Management is likely a good option for you.
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Compare Service Management Options

Monthly Costs Unmanaged Server Management
PBX Hosting Starting at
Starting at
Server Management
Pricing is per server
FTP Backup Plan
(required for Server Management)
Optional Starting at
Support Options Unmanaged Server Management
Business Hours Phone / Ticket Support Included Included
After Hours Ticket Support
Not Included Included
Included System Access Unmanaged Server Management
Customer Billing / Support Portal Included Included
FreePBX Call Detail Reports Access
Included Included
FreePBX Administrator Access Included Included
Server Root Access Included Not Included
VPS Control Panel Access Included Not Included
Included Services Unmanaged Server Management
Network / Hardware Support Included Included
Billing Support Included Included
Regular System Updates Not Included Included
Proactive Server Monitoring Not Included Included
Routine System Checkups Not Included Included
Firewall Setup & Support Not Included Included
Server Management Requirements
Supported FreePBX Versions FreePBX 14
System Requirements
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