New Packages & Professional Services!

New VPS Hosting Packages

For 2018, we’ve created all new hosting packages….lots of them! Two of the biggest requests we’ve gotten are for basically opposite ends of the spectrum: VPS packages with more storage, and smaller, lower cost VPS options.

So we’re happy to report that we’ve done both. We now have value sized packages starting at 1GB RAM and 15GB disk for just $19.99 per month. If you’ve managed FreePBX before you know that is a fairly small amount of resources, but if you keep things maintained and tidy it’s definitely enough for a small deployment.

On the other hand if you are recording calls and find yourself stressing over disk space, you’ll be happy to know that we now offer packages with as much as 500GB of storage. In most cases this should allow you to maintain a fairly decent sized archive of call recordings or backups without having to constantly offload them to external storage.

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New Professional Services

In 2017 we launched a number of professional services aimed at providing an extra set of hands to busy system administrators for specific projects, like setting up the firewall on a new server or upgrading between FreePBX versions. For 2018, we’re expanding our professional services and adding some new options.

Professional Service Categories

FreePBX Updates/Upgrades
Update all modules $49.99
Update all modules + OS components $149.99
Upgrade from FreePBX 10.13.66 to SNG7 $249.99
Upgrade from FreePBX 6.12.100 to SNG7 $399.99
Upgrade from 5.211 or older to SNG7 $499.99
If you are a brand new customer, you can send us your backup and we’ll restore it to your new server, do the above upgrades, and knock $50 off the upgrade price! Pricing shown above is for Virtual Private Servers and excludes any work needed to fix issues with the server prior to upgrading.

FreePBX Maintenance Services
Review FreePBX system for common problems $49.99
  • add Cleanup compromised system
  • add OS/Module Updates
Free up disk space on FreePBX $49.99
  • add CDRDB Cleanup

FreePBX Setup / Addon services
Setup FreePBX Firewall $49.99
  • Add SSH lockdown, SSL setup
Setup Endpoint Manager for one device config $74.99
  • Each add’l Endpoint Manager device config
Setup 2nd VPS as a warm spare $149.99
  • Perform a live failover test
Backup Setup & Test Run $49.99
  • Test Restore to Temporary VPS
  • +Test Restore to Live VPS

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Later this year, we will be expanding our professional services offering and adding some new service options. If you find yourself in need of assistance managing your FreePBX server please contact us for information on how we can help you.