[How To] FreePBX FTP Backup Tutorial (v14 and earlier)

Phone systems are vital to the operation of most businesses, so it’s important to have a recovery plan in place in the event of a problem. Part of that recovery plan is to take regular backups of your FreePBX system. The following tutorial explains how to set up an FTP account, and configure your FreePBX system to automatically backup to that FTP account. This tutorial assumes you have already signed up for one of our FTP backup packages. If you are utilizing v15 or later, please follow the [HOW TO] Create a Scheduled FreePBX 15 Backup Using FTP tutorial.

First, we need to set up the FTP user that we will be using for our FreePBX backup.

  1. Login to the FTP Hosting control panel: https://files.ftphosting.com/
  2. Click Users, then click Add User
  3. Select Standard User and click Next
  4. Fill out the User Name and E-mail Address fields and click Next
  5. Select the FTP Rights checkbox and click Next
  6. If you will be backing up multiple FreePBX systems to the FTP hosting account, you may want to right click on ‘ROOT’ and create a folder for the first FreePBX system. That way, each of your PBX’s will be organized by folder so that you’re able to easily find the backup you’re looking for.
  7. After creating a folder, click on the new folder and then check the boxes for File Rights and Directory Rights
  8. Click Add User
  9. Fill in the Set Password box with a password (and make a note of it, as we will use it later on).

Next, we will create a backup in the FreePBX web interface that will send our backups to our FTP account that we just created.

  1. Log into the FreePBX web interface
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Backup & Restore
  3. Click Servers and then New FTP Server – this is where we will add our FTP server information
  4. Choose a name and description for this server.
    • Hostname: files.ftphosting.com
    • Port: 21
    • User Name: The FTP username you created above
    • Password: The FTP password you created above
    • Path: This can be left blank, unless you want to place your backups in a specific folder on the FTP server
    • Transfer Mode: Passive
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Backups and then New Backup
  7. Choose a name and description for the backup, and enter an email address that will be notified when the backup is run.
  8. To back up everything on your server, including voicemails, recordings, config files, etc, you will want to click and drag the following Templates over to the Backup Items section:
    • Full Backup
    • CDR’s
    • System Audio
    • Voice Mail
  9. Under Storage Locations, drag the FTP server you created to the Storage Servers column
  10. If you would like to run the backup automatically, choose the frequency you would like the server backed up. We recommend daily or weekly (hourly may affect calls if it runs during a call).
  11. It is strongly recommended that you set a “Delete after” time or quantity, otherwise old backups will never be removed.
  12. Click Save. If you would like to run the backup now, scroll to the bottom again and click “and Run”


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