[HOW TO] Fix Incorrect time in FreePBX

It’s important to keep the correct time in FreePBX, especially if your system has time conditions enabled. If you notice your server has the incorrect time, the first place you will want to check is the FreePBX web interface under Admin -> System Admin -> Time Zone:

Make sure to click Submit after making any changes.

If you’re still seeing the incorrect time on your system, you will need to make sure that the NTP service is running. NTP, or Network Time Protocol, occasionally syncs your PBX with the correct time.

To make sure the NTP service is running, you will need to login via SSH as the root user, using a tool such as PuTTY (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html). The root password was sent in the Account Information Email when you first signed up for FreePBX Hosting.

Once you’re logged into your PBX, you can check that NTP is running using this command:

service ntpd status

To restart NTP, run this command:

service ntpd restart

To ensure NTP is running after a server reboot, run this command:

chkconfig ntpd on

To see which servers your PBX is syncing time with, run this command:

ntpq -p

If you have any questions or need help checking the NTP service on your FreePBX server, feel free to open a support ticket or send an email to support@freepbxhosting.com. Our support engineers will need your root password in order to assist.